Rewrites (iOS/Mac/PC)
Throughout the last 35 years, there have been two totally rewritten version of Rock Crush, both by the original author.. Neither of which I may add are still availalbe at this point in time. However, this page delves into their history.

The first was for Windows in 2001. This version added a pixel perfect ZX81 emulation mode as well as a re-imagined colour and sound version. There was a also a similar rewrite at this time of Dan's Revenge. The levels were doubled from the original 10 upto 20. A note about this re-imagined colour and sound - I was thinking how it would look and feel heaven forbid, if it had came out on the C64 of all computers! I liked it anyway!

Next, in 2011, a second rewrite brought Rock Crush to the iPhone and iPad as well as Mac and Windows versions. An unreleased Android port was also made. This new 2011 version featured both modes from the 2001 version as well as a brand new modern looking 2014 graphics mode.
Again more levels were added up to 40.

A later major update to it also allowed the ability for the first time to run down from under rocks - after checking it didn't break the gameplay of all the existing 40 levels. 10 New levels were then added that specifically needed this ability for you to even solve them!

All of these levels and a few design changes (such as being able to run down underneath rocks and the warp zone idea) have made it into the new 35th Anniversary Edition on the ZX81. A new ending screen has also been added in.

Re-imagined ZX Spectrum style colour was also added to this version thanks to suporting the CHROMA Colour Board (See Links page for more details on this).
Notes from the 2001 version:

A PC remake of my old Black and White HIRES game "Rock Crush" for the 16K ZX81! This rewrite features a ZX81 Emulation mode with the original graphics! ZX81's didn't normally have "hires" graphics modes except when special display routines were used.. Even then the effect was only "pseudo hires" - in short you didn't have access to the full 256 pixel patterns available per byte - only a limited subset. Most users weren't aware of this but it does explain the odd compromised pixel out of place in the ZX81 graphics, if you look close. It was a nice illusion!!!
I added some sound to this version (originated from a C64) and also added a colour PC mode with an extra 10 levels. This is how I like to think my game would have turned out back in 1985, had the ZX featured any decent sound and colour! More of a puzzle than arcade game... Guide your man "Dan" around 20 screens collecting the diamonds and avoiding the rocks! Who can get the highest score?
The 2001 version is now retired fully. At least the second pack of 10 levels lives on to this day in the 35th Anniversary Edition!

Additionally some of the colour scheme was used as a basic idea when designing the new version.
2001 Version
This 2001 Windows version featured sound and colour and an additional 10 levels were added a the same time.
Imagined Mode
This mode was added as an alternative viewing mode but the level design remained the same of course.
C64 Inspired!
I have to admit this is much more inspired by the C64 than the ZX Spectrum more to do with the soundtrack really!
Sadly the iOS version is not on the App Store at the moment for technical reasons to do with updating it.

There are plans however to get it up there again so watch this space for any news on that!
Modern Love
I still think the Modern Mode is the best looking of the lot. Hopefully it will return to the App store sometime soon!
Warp Zone!
This Warp Zone was added in this version. It now makes an appearance in the 35th Anniversary Edtion as well. Each room is the entrance to a 10 cave level pack.
Don't Die!
The tricky second level. Hint: Tackle the rocks and diamonds in the bottom right section first before the top right section!
An iOS pixel perfect rewrite of the original ZX81 high res game - Rock Crush!!
The first ZX81 black and white, silent game in the app store??
Ok, so we added imagined music to the game and also 3 graphic modes - colour and 2011 mode but this is ZX81 mode!
Rock Crush - For iPad. This is the 2011 rewrite - showing the imagined colour mode in action!

A ten level walkthrough showing how to complete the first batch of levels.
This is the iOS rewrite of Rock Crush (2011) - an original ZX81 High Res Game from 1985.