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Welcome To Rock Crush.Com!
Rock Crush is a game written originally for the 16K ZX81 by myself, Steven McDonald - back in the mists of time (1985)!

You guide the hero, named Dan through a sseries of caves seeking the diamond treasures whilst avoiding the falling rocks that try to crush him as he digs his way to fame and fortune.

Various versions have been written throughout the years and you can read about them at this site.

The original as I have said was for the ZX81. Next in 2001 it was re-written for the PC. Again, a third version was re-written in 2011 for iOS as well as for the Mac and PC.

Now things have come full circle and the 35th Anniversary Edition is being made available in Dec 2020 for the ZX81! Well it is a special occasion after all!

I have put as much as possible from these later re-writes back into the original game without spoiling the feel of it. The code has been heavily rewritten and optimised in Z-80 assembler from the original source code as its basis.

The game's levels have increased from 10 up to 50 - in 5 level packs. Chroma Colour is fully supported on the fly, if available and it now looks much nicer! Chroma joystick support was added as well. The poor machine doesn't have much more than about 100 bytes free in its RAM in total when loaded up!

Click the Menu tabs above to visit each section and perhaps even grab yourself a copy. Yes - cassette tapes are indeed available for the die hard collectors and treasure seekers out there!

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What's New?

29/12/20 - Spelling mistakes and some text fixed - minor update.