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- First Screenshots of ROS released! -

As promised, the first screenshots of this new ZX81 Ramdisk Operating System have just been posted, showing the O/S Command Line Interpreter in action (very similar to DOS).

In case you are wondering what the ROS is - it is a replacement ZX81 Operating System - with lots of new features - taking full control over the hardware and pushing it to its limits.

The system tries to emulate a PC running DOS, as closely as possible!

After 9 years, this project has been "rescued" and now ported over to the PC.

Work is continuing on the new Version 2.0 Master - required for the O/S to run under XTender.

The system will be released free - once it is finished and documentation converted over and updated!

The shots below show it accepting commands such as "ATTRIB" etc. as well as a DOS like directory listing of all files on the "ROS Boot Disk".

Further information will be posted as it becomes available!

Note: You can click on the screenshots below to view the full versions.

(ROS Title Screen - V1.0) (ROS Title Screen - V2.0)

(ROS Screen 1) (ROS Screen 2)

(ROS Screen 3)

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