Dr. Johnston's Strange But True Factbook!


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Dr. Johnston's Strange But True Factbook!
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Release Date: 31 May 2010
Genre: Entertainment
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Dr. Johnston's Strange But True Factbook!

As the good Doctor himself often states...

 "It's hard to believe some of these things are true... But they are!"


Fact 1


Facts that are Strange But True..

Learn hundreds of new things about the world around you!

Impress your friends by dropping unusual facts and figures into casual conversation!

Learn a new fact every day!!

Dr. Johnston - one of the worlds brilliant medical minds, compiled this book in his study over many years.

"Dr. Johnston's Strange But True... Factbook" has a database of hand picked unusual facts, one of which will appear randomly at start-up.

Use your finger to swipe across the bottom area of the factbook to move forward or backwards through the book.

Fact 2

The app supports all iPad screen orientations - there is no proper way up after all!

The Dr. can often be found in his study and is fastidious when working - he really hates being disturbed!

Just try moving his inkwell or paperweight to find out! He has quite a few things to say when interrupted!!!

From the goodness of his heart however, he will permit you to copy/paste the definitions elsewhere...

(as long as you are quiet when doing it that is).

We think you will enjoy this fun app - Use Google to follow up your research and knowledge!

Fact 3

**** DISCLAIMER ****

The character featured in this App, "Dr. Cornelius Johnston" is completely fictional.
Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.
No similarity to any person either living or dead is intended or should be inferred.

Whilst the good doctor laboured hard to ensure all facts are correct, the occasional mistake may have slipped in
 due to the over zealous self-administration of alcoholic beverages at bedtime...
Should you come across any such whoppers or just wish to comment, please write to the good Doctor and point out to him
 politely but firmly what it is that you have discovered.

Thank You.


   Fact 4 


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