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NEW: Version 6.4 is out! 16/04/10. *See note below for Running Diablo II under Windows 7 properly!

(Version 6.4 Screenshot - Supports Three Different Launch Modes, Full USB Stick Support And Renaming A Diablo II Character!)


Click here to download the latest version. - v6.4 [Compiled 16/04/2010] (4.97MB: Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista, XP, 2000)
Note: This version requires an email to register for free, if you haven't already - full details when you start it up if applicable!
Note: You do not need to check the box "run as admin" under compatibility for the shortcut any more!



Download the .exe file to your desktop and run it. This extracts files to a new folder on your desktop.

Go into this and run Setup.exe!

If you are running an earlier version, you have to uninstall it first (from control panel - add / remove programs),

before you can install any updated versions. This will not delete your backup folders!

All files are guaranteed virus and trojan free.

L A T E S T    N E W S (16/04/10):

Diablo II Character Manager V6.4 - Released 16th April, 2010
 Diablo II Patch v1.13 Out March 23rd 2010!
[For stability, it is recommended everyone updates to v6.4]


1/. Bugfix - Application now only allows one instance of itself to run at a time. Internal framework and layout changes.

Features Added in v6.3:

1/. BugFix - Major bug fixed that was introduced in v6.2 - caused by program trying to save a 'default value' in registry for the launch mode.

 [Only affected users who haven't registered (and were missing certain registry keys as a result)]

2/. BugFix - Settings menu is now disabled for non-registered users.

[Non-registered users get basic Backup and Restore buttons only - Full menu's disabled by design.]

3/. BugFix - The Current Working Directory is now changed to the Diablo II program location before control is passed to Diablo II through the launch button.

 [This was the source of the problem where users where reporting corrupt update patches to 1.13 - it was being downloaded to the wrong folder.]

4/. New Feature - Added support for detecting the new Teamspeak v3.0 client. Previously only v2.0 was detected.

Features Added in v6.2:

1/. Added a third launch mode under Settings Menu to support new feature in Diablo II Patch 1.13

2/. Changed wording of modes to be more descriptive.

3/. Added ability of Character Manager to save the selected mode for the next time it is started up.

Bugs Fixed in v6.1:

Fixed two major bugs (and one minor) that slipped through in v6.0... Apologies for this.

1/. Renaming a character resulted in deletion of character in question! Now Fixed.

2/. Copying a character crashed the program. Now Fixed.

3/. Deleting a character no longer shows a second copy of it in the list of current characters.

New Features Added in v6.1:

1/. Added a new settings menu - with option to launch Diablo II in windowed mode!
(This is great for Patch 1.13 which adds a Maximise Window button when in windowed mode - Try it!)

Updated Requirements: Program now uses .Net Framework v3.5 - please
update from Microsoft if you are still running an older version.
There is now only one setup file.
* Windows 7 ships with v3.5

[Patch Note: If you are having problems with a corrupt patch v1.13 - open your Diablo folder and run Diablo II.exe directly to let it patch itself properly]

Features Added in v6.0:

1/. Fixed problem with Launch button not working in Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions)

2/. Improved compatibility for Windows 7.

3/. Many minor improvements.

4/. Updated all links in the program to current tested URL's.

5/. Added full support for exporting, importing and viewing characters stored on USB Memory Sticks - mainly as hardly anyone uses floppy disks anymore in 2010!!

6/. Improved text in menu's.

7/. Bumped version number to 6.0


Corrupt Colours? Game Taking Ages To Start Up? Not Running At All? Crashing? Read Below!!!

1/. Run Windows Update - a recent compatibility update provided support for Diablo II under Windows 7.

2/. Patch to latest version of Diablo II - visit Blizzard's website for support on this v1.13 by the way!

3/. You MUST Run Diablo II in Compatibility mode for *Windows XP SP 2* (Running in SP1 or 3 will cause error messages during gameplay) - This is on the shortcut.

4/. Run the Shortcut as an Administrator.

5/. While you're there, check the box that says *Disable desktop composition*. This will allow Diablo II's 3D effects to render correctly.

6/. Go to your Diablo 2 folder and change Diablo II.exe to the same settings (Run as admin, Compatibility mode for XP SP2, disable desktop composition)

On modern high resolution monitors, Diablo II can show its age and look very stretched!

Try the special windowed mode along with the maximise button available in patch 1.13

[Character Manager now has a settings menu to support this mode!]

What Was New In Previous Versions:

This website has changed location - the new version points to this website address now.

Added a total of 10 background game images – chosen randomly at startup

You can left click or right click anywhere blank in the main window

 area to change this image at any time to the next in series.

New "Start Teamspeak" Button, with code to detect the program from the registry.

Created a proper Windows  Help File for the program - to replace the old text-only version.

The program is now "feature complete". Most of the things I wanted it to do are now done!

There will probably be no more updates for a while - apart from minor bug-fixes.



About Diablo II Character Manager:

This program allows you to backup and restore your offline Diablo II player characters.

It creates a folder named 'Backup' that holds a copy of your 'save' folder.

This is where your game characters are stored. Additionally, it keeps a

second safety copy in 'Backup_Safety', that it can use in emergency situations!

All these folders are stored within your main Diablo II installation folder.

This program was written because I was fed up manually backing

 up and restoring my game characters in Diablo II.

Also, there is nothing worse than losing your game characters due to something like a virus or hard disk failure!

It's always good to have a backup (or two!) of your characters handy - just in case...

This new version makes it much easier to transfer your characters from one computer to another

or to just to keep another safety copy of your characters in a safe place using the

floppy disk import, export and view routines.

Character management has been greatly extended in this version, with the new copy, rename

and delete routines in the file menu.

You can now also import a character from any folder on your computer into your current characters.

This program needs the Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1 to be installed.

You can download this from Windows Update, if it is not already on your machine.

This program creates a shortcut on your desktop. Use this to run Diablo II!

This program is written for Windows 2000/XP and above.

Fully compatible with Diablo II v1.10 and Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Diablo II Character Manager v4.0 - Help File



“Diablo II Character Manager” was not designed for cheating. It is also not designed for editing your character stats, gold etc.

There are other programs out there that do this should this be what you are after.

I wrote this program purely for backing up my characters – handy should a disaster strike – or just for peace of mind.

It is also useful for transferring your Diablo II characters to another computer, using a floppy disk.


This program is compatible with Diablo II, V1.10 and below - both regular and expansion versions!

It uses Microsoft.Net v1.1 and is written for Windows XP, although it will run on Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

This new version has been tested on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and runs fine.

This program first detects if you have Diablo II installed and if so, in which location on your hard drive it is stored.

Inside that folder, Diablo II keeps a subfolder called "save". Inside there, your characters are stored.

Diablo II uses different types of files to store all the character information.

You will see "Player.D2s" files (most of your characters status information is stored in here -

Name, Level, Class, Gold, Experience etc.)

These files have a security number in them so are not easily "tampered" with.

If you try this manually, Diablo II will come up with an "Invalid Character File" error and cancel the game.

Other files, Diablo II uses are: "Player.key", "Player.ma0", "Player.ma1",

"Player.ma2", "Player.ma3", and "Player.map". (Custom key assignments etc.)

Not every character you play with will use or have all the files above - but they will all have a Player.D2s file!

All you need to know about Diablo II Character Manager is that it manages ALL these files for you, invisibly!

Whenever you backup, restore, copy or rename etc. a "Player.d2s" file with Character Manager,

 it ALWAYS looks for the other files for that character (if they exist) and makes sure they always get updated as well!


On the main screen you can click on "Open Diablo II Folder" to open an explorer window,

 quickly giving you access to the folder where Diablo II is installed on your computer.

The program shows two boxes - your "Current" game characters

 in the green box and your "Backup" characters in the red box.

This also shows the characters Class, Level and Last Modified date and time.

This will change every time you play a game with a character or

 modify a character by "renaming" or "restoring" it for example.

The "Backup Characters Button" will backup the "save" folder to another folder

 in your main Diablo II Install Folder called "Backup". The old "Backup" folder,

if it existed is deleted before the new "Backup" is created.

It also creates a second emergency copy in another folder, called "Backup_Safety".

The "Restore Characters Button" will restore your characters in the "Backup" folder to

where your main game characters are stored - the "save" folder.

This overwrites any existing game characters!

"Launch Diablo II" will close down Diablo II Character Manager and start up Diablo II,

 provided you have your game play cd inserted in one of your drives.

“Start Teamspeak” will only be enabled if this program is installed on your computer.

If you don’t know what this is – look at the Reference Menu – Get Teamspeak Software option!

Hovering with the mouse over the main window at various points will also show floating "tool-tips" for various things.

Diablo II Character Manager now features ten background game images – chosen randomly at startup – you can

 left click or right click anywhere blank in the main window area to change this image at any time to the next in series.



Backup Characters (To Safety):

This does exactly the same as the main Backup button on the main window, described above.

Restore Characters (From Safety):

This does exactly the same as the main Restore button on the main window, described above.

Emergency Restore (From Safety2):

This restores the "save" folder from the emergency folder "Backup_Safety".

Only use this if your normal Backup folder has been corrupted or deleted

by some unknown reason. New "Backup" and "Backup_Safety" folders are created afterwards.

Copy A Current Diablo II Character:

This allows you to "Clone" one of your existing characters. The copy has all the stats and equipment your original had.

 Diablo II makes doing this manually, impossible because it stores the character name

 inside the "d2s" file and this must match with the filename itself!. Diablo II detects

 any "tampering" with the insides of a .d2s file. Diablo II Character Manager repairs

 this "tampering" damage so your new character is "legal" and works with no problems.

Rename A Current Diablo II Character:

Same as above regarding the details, but this time it allows you to rename an existing game character.

Delete A Current Diablo II Character:

This deletes a character completely so use with caution!


Export Characters (To Floppy):

This exports all your "save" folder to a floppy disk. It checks the disk has enough space first.

 The characters are stored in a folder called "Diablo II Character Manager Export"

 on the floppy. This is deleted before the new backup is made, if it already existed!

Use this to create a safe backup - away from your computer - or to give your character(s) to someone else.

Import Characters (From Floppy):

This does the opposite of the above - replacing your current game characters with the copy on the floppy disk.

View Characters (Stored On Floppy):

This will show a report on the characters stored on the floppy - just like on the main window. You would normally use this first, before importing.

Import A Single Character (From Folder):

This allows you to import a single .ds2 file from Any folder location on your computer or floppy disk.

 Useful if someone has sent you a character by email etc. and you want to import it.


Battle.Net Server Status:

This launches a webpage showing the current Battle.Net server status reports.

 Handy to check before you play a game to see if there is any maintenance of the servers due.

Download Diablo II Wallpaper:

This takes you to Blizzard's wallpaper download internet page.

The Best Diablo II Websites:

A hand picked list of the best Diablo II related websites. Some have pop-ups.

Get Teamspeak Software:

This link brings up the main Teamspeak website. This program allows you to chat

 in real time with other players – rather having to type all the time!

It works great with Diablo II as well as with most other games.

 Once installed Diablo II Character Manager will pick it up and enable the Start button.

I recommend using the following settings for Teamspeak 2, if you are on a broadband connection:

Use the Speex 16.3 Kbit Codec (or above) and bind the Push To Talk Button to "RIGHT ALT".

Set the output volume one notch above normal.


Check Web For Updates:

Use this to check for any updates to this program. It is recommended to always

 update to the latest version as things are always being fixed/added.

Help On Using This Program:

This just displays this file, as you probably already noticed!

About Character Manager:

Displays contact email address, credits and program version.

v4.0 - Released: 18th October, 2004.

This program is free to all Diablo II players!

All graphics and music are (C)Blizzard and are not used with permission.

As this is a free program, related to the Game Diablo II,

it can be seen as a free advert for Diablo II!

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